As of now, our service is available in Taiwan, Indonesia, and Singapore any IP address outside these regions will be unable to access our website.

Also, since JailBreak / Rooted devices or emulators will remove the copyright protection on your device, these methods are not supported for viewing on our website.

Our service supports login for up to five devices (including browsers), and you can enjoy 2 streams at the same time with one account.


We currently support Windows 10 and Mac OS systems.

Mobile App
  • iOS: Supports iOS 14 or above.

  • Android: Supports Android 6.0 or above.


We currently support Chrome 83 or Safari 13 and above. Due to Content copyright protection, please do not browse in Incognito or Private mode.

Smart TV
  • Apple TV: Supports tvOS 14.0 or above.

  • Android TV: Supports Android 6.0 or above.

  • LG TV: Supports webOS 4.0 or above.

  • Samsung TV: Supports 2019-2021 standard/premium TV models with Tizen OS 5.0 or above.

For more details, you can check this article: Which smart TV or Set-Top-Box supports direct download of CATCHPLAY+ App?

NOTE: Please also ensure that the App or browser which you are using is updated to the newest version.